You know WebEx, Skype, and Zoom, but did you know there are technologies designed to go beyond conferencing to improve the meeting process, engagement, and business results?

In this virtual showcase, we’ll take a look at four technologies each working to make meetings better in a different way.

Each company will share the problem they solve, when people find their technology most useful, and a quick demo. We'll take questions throughout and at the end, so come ready for a lively showcase!

  • MeetingQuality (
    Meeting assessment and organizational outcome predictor

    Using measurable feedback from meetings, MeetingQuality reveals which projects and initiatives are predicted to succeed and which are on the path to failure, giving leaders the predictive insights they need to make adjustments that improve organizational results.
  • MeetingSphere (
    Virtual workspaces for dynamic workshops and business meetings
    Technology that drives any agenda with task-specific workspaces (Brainstorm, Discussion, Rating, Presentation with optional anonymity) for effective, engaging and documented online meetings.
  • Retrium (
    A platform for agile and scrum retrospectives.

    With a wide variety of facilitation techniques built in, Retrium increases team engagement and helps teams continuously improve.
  • Lucid Meetings (
    Meeting management platform for organizations

    Technology used by teams and businesses to design and scale consistently effective business meetings.