You know WebEx, Skype, and Zoom, but did you know there are technologies designed to go beyond conferencing to improve the meeting process, engagement, and business results?

In this virtual showcase, we’ll take a look at several technologies each working to make meetings better in a different way.

Each company will share the problem they solve, when people find their technology most useful, and a quick demo. We'll take questions throughout and at the end, so come ready for a lively showcase!

  • MURAL (
    Visual collaboration and design thinking tool

    Thousands of creative teams and individuals have used MURAL to brainstorm, organize, share, and develop their ideas.
  • Inspirometer (
    Automated meeting analytics and feedback tools
    Automatically analyzes calendar data in the background and collects meeting feedback to create a rich, actionable view of meeting performance.
  • Lucid Meetings (
    Meeting management platform for organizations

    Technology used by teams and businesses to design and scale consistently effective business meetings.