How do you meet respectfully with people you don't understand or agree with?

As we go into the holidays and strategic planning season, we have so many opportunities to bridge the chasms between us. But how?

  • How do you strategize with colleagues from competing silos?
  • How do you navigate end-of-year events with a team spread across the globe?
  • How do you embrace relatives visiting from the other side of the political divide?

Join us November 21 for a very special discussion where we'll learn about tools to help us all with these important, challenging conversations.

Our Guests

Jenn Graham

Recently named "Small Business Person of the Year - Rising Star" by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Jenn Graham is the founder and CEO of Civic Dinners, an award-winning civic engagement platform that brings diverse voices together over food for conversations that matter.

Nancy Settle-Murphy

Nancy is the CEO of Guided Insights, a firm specialized in helping organizations achieve exceptional results within a surprisingly short time through highly-productive conversations. Using “blended facilitation,” or a combination of methods and tools, people can participate in multiple ways, at different times, or at the same time. Navigating through cross-cultural tripwires and working across time zones is Nancy's area of genius.

Jo Ilfeld PhD

Jo is an executive leadership coach who works with C-suite leaders, executives and high potential managers to create more impact and influence in their organizations. She works on 4 core areas of leadership development: leading with clarity of vision, mastering the art of results, developing influence, and deepening your executive presence. Jo is also a professor of Leadership Intelligence in the executive MBA program at Sonoma State.