What are we supposed to do with AI?

How can we plan for AI's impact? 

If you're like most business leaders working today, you've wrestled with these questions. You know that the largest and most advanced companies in the world use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to amplify their advantages. AI is everywhere and changing everything.

AI impacts our jobs, our privacy, our politics, and how we understand and interact with society. How can we make human-first, ethically centered choices about AI?

As more companies embrace AI, the demand for leaders who understand what AI is, what it can and cannot do, and how to work with AI systems in the real world is growing.

Start with a One-Day Opportunity Sprint

As a facilitator or business leader, you can now lead a team in a one-day workshop to develop a strategy for working with AI–even if you aren't an AI expert.

Join Helen and Dave Edwards from Sonder Scheme for a one-hour webinar where they'll share:

  • What an AI strategy looks like, and why your organization needs one
  • How a combination of quick tutorials and design-thinking workshop techniques makes the possibilities and pitfalls of AI clear for your team
  • An introduction to their new Meeting School course, showing you exactly how to run a one-day Opportunity Sprint workshop that delivers an actionable AI strategy

Online Course:
How to Run an Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop

Everything you need to create a strategic AI roadmap in a day

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