Facilitators Guide to Value Stream Mapping for Knowledge Work and Service Organizations


Lean management practices aim to bring an organization’s focus squarely on value creation by reducing costs while optimizing and improving performance.

Value stream mapping (VSM) is one of the most common lean tools organizations use to critically examine their processes and cut out wasteful activities that add no value for the recipient.

A Value Stream Map makes it easy to visualize the process a company or organization uses to get “value” to the customer. The map traces the “stream” of people, materials, and actions required before a product or service gets delivered.

Download this facilitator guide from template author and lean enterprise facilitator Dan Prock to lead your team through your next Value Stream Mapping exercise.

The PDF download includes guides to:

  1. Process-at-a-glance Overview
  2. Workshop Chartering and Preparation
  3. Creation of Presentations
  4. Workshop Agenda
  5. Running the Workshop
  6. Follow-up and Governance
  7. Additional Resources