A Fresh Look at the Number, Effectiveness, and Cost of Meetings in the U.S.


Bad meetings are a big issue in the modern workplace. Just how big of a deal are they?

The most frequently quoted statistics say that there are:

  • 11 million meetings in the US per day (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS News, HRM America, CNBC, NPR, Inc.com, MIT Sloan Management Review)
  • Up to 50% of these meetings are a waste of time, costing the US $37 billion per year (Business Insider, Inc, BABM, The British Psychological Society)

That’s a big problem. Except, these numbers are wrong. We've poured through the research, done the math, and pulled together the most up-to-date information so you don't have to.

The PDF download includes:

  1. The Numbers: Infographic
  2. The Story Behind the Numbers
  3. Question 1: How many meetings are there a day, really?
  4. Question 2: How effective are all those meetings?
  5. Question 3: What is the cost to the U.S. economy of wasted meetings?
  6. Findings: Now what?