Guidebook and Templates:
Meetings to Run When Changing Your Organization's Way of Working


This Meeting Flow Model (MFM) helps organizations chart a path to a new way of working. Designed as a 12-week sequence, this approach gives teams maximum autonomy over their work, creates robust feedback loops across all levels of the organization, and establishes a predictable pace for change.

Use this MFM and the related meeting templates to support leaders responsible for implementing the change, involve more people in the process, and provide some predictability.

The ZIP download includes:

  • An overview document, explaining what this meeting flow is designed to achieve and introducing the meetings involved
  • 5 meeting templates providing guidance and options for leading each of these meetings
    1. How to Lead an Effective Decision Making Meeting
    2. How to Host a Peer Mentoring Group
    3. How to Create a Working Team Agreement
    4. How to Run a Quick Retro on Your Team Agreement
    5. How to Lead an Advisory Council Meeting
  • A spreadsheet for estimating the amount of meeting time involved