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Meetings are Serious Business:

How to Minimize Costs, Maximize Value, and Master Your Meetings

Designed for anyone seeking to spend their organization's time and money wisely, this guide breaks out what you need to know to run cost effective and productive meetings.


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  • The top 4 things research says you should do to ensure high quality meetings
  • How to measure the economic and cultural cost of meetings in your organization
  • A 3-pronged system for evaluating and improving your meeting culture


"This e-book is a concise response to those who think meetings are a waste of time. They often are, but they don't have to be.

By helping us focus on how to get the best ROTI (Return on our Time Invested) the reader can make immediate, practical changes and get more done."

 Wayne TurmelWayne Turmel

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"The impact of poor meetings is often overlooked and misunderstood. The idea to measure the cost is a great one and really makes people think, and the four keys to meetings people won't hate are inspired and would make a great difference to most organisations."

Ann SchwarzenbachAnn Schwarzenbach
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