Making Decisions with a Group: Facilitator Guide


An effective meeting should build alignment and commitment to decisions, and a lack of clarity can create problems. 

This becomes even more of a challenge during virtual meetings, where there is little-to-no ability to receive nonverbal feedback when the leader presumes a decision was reached.

To avoid these problems, this guide will help you plan the right approach to use for each decision in advance of the meeting. 

This 25-page Facilitator's PDF Guide includes:

  • The Five C’s: Approaches to Decision Making
  • Comparing Approaches
  • Core Tool: The Go-Around
  • Preparing For Your Decision-Making Meeting
  • The Templates:
  • Structure for Making Decisions by Consensus
  • Structure for Reaching Decisions by Consent and Compromise
  • Structure for Using the Group to Consult to the Final Decision Maker
  • After the Meeting
  • Resources for Achieving Meeting Mastery