Hiring the right person for your team is one of the most important business decisions you'll ever make. Find a great fit, and your team's ability to do more great work quickly grows. Hire the wrong person–or even a partial fit–and the team's productivity, morale, and momentum take a huge hit.

Bad hires make for very expensive mistakes.

And remote hiring makes the whole process much harder!

  • You can only see part of a person, which means you get less of the information you relied on in the past to make your decision.
  • You can hire people who live anywhere, taking advantage of talent pools and cost factors across the globe. But where do you start? And what questions should you ask in your interviews to filter through the explosion of possible candidates?
  • Scheduling interviews means you and your team have to juggle schedules AND time zones.
  • You still need to make sure candidates are a good fit for your team. Does that mean yet another Zoom coffee date, or is there a better way?

All these challenges create delays in the interview process, difficulty in making decisions, and discomfort for both the candidate and the interviewers.

There's a Better Way

Instead of trying to translate in-person hiring practices for your remote team, use remote-first principles to create and adapt your interview experience for the candidate and for the team. 

In this workshop, we'll share our top 3 tips for running a successful remote hiring process.

Session Takeaways

Join this 60-minute session to:

  • Learn how remote hiring is different
  • Uncover important gaps in your own process
  • Explore the three key success tips for hiring remote team members

Come prepared to explore ways you can improve your hiring process and compare notes with other hiring managers from around the world. 

You'll also get a peek at Mark and Johanna's new Meeting School course, How to Discover, Interview, and Hire Amazing Remote People,  that builds on the ideas introduced in this workshop.