People ask us all the time: 
How do I get my team to show up and engage in our meetings?

Many leaders are frustrated when they take extra time to prepare for a meeting — only to find that no one seems to be paying attention or stepping up!

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In this webinar, you'll get the top tips and techniques that we teach one-on-one to our clients, and that they've used to transform their team meetings into powerful tools for driving team collaboration and accountability.

What You'll Learn


    What the research shows about team engagement in meetings.
  • The 4 Deadly Dozers

    The 4 most common things we find people do in meetings without realizing how much they're killing engagement.
  • The 5 Step Process for Increasing Engagement

    A simple checklist for creating the conditions necessary for team participation.
  • 6 simple techniques

    Techniques anyone can use that get people paying attention and actively participating in a meeting. No facilitation experience required!

View the recording:  How to Increase Engagement in Team Meetings