Rule 10: Plan for creativity and capture these outcomes.
Deep Dive with Shishir Mehrotra, CEO Coda

Shishir Mehrotra is an experienced business leader who knows the value of designing an organization's meetings. He first honed meeting practices when helping his teams accelerate their performance while serving as the VP of Product for YouTube.

Now, Shishir leads Coda, where he continues to perfect the way his company documents meetings. Coda also publishes amazing meeting templates through its online platform, enabling other teams to quickly achieve the same results.

In this live interactive session, Shishir will share what he's learned about designing effective business meetings, and how using a system to document results liberates team collaboration and levels the playing field for participation..

Bonus: we'll play with Coda's platform throughout the session.

Session Takeaways

Join us if you want to:

  • Learn how capturing meeting results can increase team productivity.
  • Explore Coda's technology and other ways of capturing results.
  • Create guidelines for capturing results your team can use.
  • Get Inspired by Shishir's story, so you can Inspire change in your team.

This event is one in our 10-part series exploring the 10-Science Backed Rules for Meaningful meetings.