Rule 2: Define meetings.
Deep Dive with Michael Wilkinson

Are you prepared? Are you really prepared? And before we get any further, what exactly is the purpose of this event?

Michael Wilkinson has trained thousands of professional facilitators through his company Leadership Strategies, including Elise. Ask any one of them about the most important element of a successful meeting, and they'll all say the same thing. Clarity of purpose.

Without a clearly defined purpose, it's impossible to lead a highly effective meeting. This is true for every kind of meeting you'll run at every level of your business. And no one knows how to get to that clear purpose better than a professional facilitator, because their livelihoods depend on ensuring their clients get results.

In this highly interactive session, Michael will share the secrets of defining a meeting's purpose that he teaches facilitators in his courses. You'll also get first-hand experience with lots of engaging online meetings techniques using Zoom.

Session Takeaways

Join us if you want to:

  • Learn how to define crisp, confident purpose statements for your meetings.
  • Explore ways to build on these ideas with other participants using Zoom.
  • Create powerful definitions for your next important meeting.
  • Get Inspired to bring game-changing clarity to your meeting calendar.

This event is one in our 10-part series exploring the 10-Science Backed Rules for Meaningful meetings.