Daily Huddle Facilitators Guide


The Daily Huddle is designed to make sure day-to-day operations run efficiently. This meeting covers who’s doing what today, where they’re stuck, and any opportunities they can share.

Why? To save time.

Management teams that adopt the Daily Huddle ritual typically execute faster and with fewer missteps than those who only meeting once per week or less.

Teams that adopt a daily Huddle:

  • Eliminate email back-and-forth spent coordinating schedules, hand-offs, and guessing about work status
  • Know what each person is focusing on that day, and when they’re available
  • Share info & resources that can help each other with an immediate problem
  • Prevent wasted or duplicative effort
  • Discover timely opportunities to learn or participate
  • Clear obstacles by offering help, re-routing dependent activity

The PDF download includes:

  1. Why Huddle?
  2. The Huddle Rules
  3. Process
  4. Adapting the Huddle
  5. Additional Resources