In late 2019, researchers reviewed hundreds of studies to uncover the ten practices that consistently lead to great meetings.  They published these as the 10 Simple Rules for Meaningful Meetings. 

While simple, very few of these rules prove easy to implement, even in the best of times. Group dynamics, business events, factors from our outside lives all conspire to make meetings challenging to master.

And then there was 2020.

2020's silver lining? We sure learned a lot. 

This past year, the larger community of people working to improve teamwork, collaboration, and meetings made many discoveries.

The big shift to online meetings generated avalanches of new data for the scientist to analyze.

The facilitation and coaching communities collaborated to rapidly innovate new ways of working with groups. 

We tried new things, we talked to colleagues from around the world more openly and often than ever before, and we discovered new possibilities.

In this session:

  • Dr. Allen and Elise will present the latest discoveries in both the science and practice of meaningful meetings.
  • Experts from our 2020 Deep Dive sessions will share their insights
  • Together, we'll work to highlight the discoveries we feel need to be part of the "rules" for meaningful meetings going forward.

Join us. We're taking it to 11.

This event is part of our series diving deep into the 10 Science Backed Rules for Meaningful Meetings