How are meetings like music?

Information sharing is the least useful reason to meet. We have TONS of ways to share information. Just look at this page! You don't need a meeting to read this, and your team doesn't need a meeting to hear your status updates either.  

Instead, the best leaders use meetings to shift their group's energy and intention.

When leaders talk about group dynamics, they're referring to group interactions which determine how the group functions and how effective it is. And just like great music where the dynamic range varies from soft to loud, from passionate to chill, the best teams also operate across a range of group dynamics.

Session Goals

In this session, we invite you to consider what your team really needs from your meetings. 

  • When could your group use more energy? When was the last time they were excited at work? Or inspired?
  • When was the last time they opened up, bellied up, and tackled a hard problem with vulnerability and resolve?
  • How about a break? Would they welcome a few moments to just breathe and relax?
  • With all our modern hullabaloo, how can you help everyone block out distractions and focus?

Chris Federer hosts Flash Fifteen, a series of 15-minute events where facilitators learn fast, effective ways to shift a group's energy and create a useful result.  Join us on September 23 when he'll share some of his favorites. From the chill to the funktastic, we'll explore a dynamic range of the best methods from Flash 15 and how we can bring these to our business meetings.

About Our Presenter - Chris Federer:

In 2016, Chris had a problem. After years working around the globe as a Director of Experiential Learning programs helping students explore, connect, and break through their challenges he decided to take his talents into the corporate world. But he didn’t know exactly how so he founded and grew a 1600+ member Design Thinking community to learn, practice, and apply the latest in team problem solving and innovation methods.

He has since hosted and facilitated 100+ innovation workshops and impacted hundreds of creative leaders at companies such as Cisco, Alliant Insurance, Snap Finance, FAI, and Dell, just to name a few.

Along the way, Chris connected with some of the best Facilitation professionals around. And together, they are ready to partner and share the benefits of what they’re learned.