Does your company want to become more innovative? Do you talk about driving innovation for your industry?

In today’s constantly evolving business world, most companies put some form of innovation strategy into their high-level plans. Some even host innovation workshops or send employees to get design-thinking training. 

Very few do the work necessary to build an innovation culture.

Has this happened to you?

Have you learned all about neat ways to unlock your team’s creative insights, only to find yourself booked in the same dreary project meetings?

Have you tried to introduce innovation skills to your group, only to have them look at you like you’ve grown an extra head?

If you’ve encountered friction in your attempts to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and innovation execution, join us as we dive into ways to build an innovation culture through your everyday meetings. 

Session Goals

Together, we’ll explore:

  • Examples of successful innovation cultures
  • How to establish an innovation-friendly mindset with your team
  • When, how, and why to bring innovation practice into everyday meetings
  • Ways to expand your team’s innovation skillset

About Douglas

Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur and human-centered technologist. He is the founder and president of Voltage Control, an Austin-based change agency that helps enterprises spark, accelerate, and sustain innovation. He specializes in helping teams work better together through participatory decision-making and design-inspired facilitation techniques. He has helped transform teams from Nike, U.S. SOCOM, Google, the Air Force, Apple, Adobe, Dropbox, Fidelity, Vrbo, Liberty Mutual, Humana, and SAIC. Douglas is a Design Sprint and innovation expert, master facilitator, speaker, Fractional CTO/CPO, and author of four books: Magical Meetings, Beyond the Prototype, How to Remix Anything, and Start Within.