Teams that run consistently great meetings design those meetings.

For each of those great meetings, someone stepped up and created that first agenda. The team tried it out, adjusted a few things, and before long they developed their own special way of working. They took the first step towards running successful meetings every day.

That first step is a doozy. If you have a meeting on your calendar that isn't performing the way you'd like, you know that you need to design that meeting.

But then maybe...

  • You struggle to find the time.
  • You started. Then you got stuck.
  • Your first attempt resulted in a not-so-great meeting.
  • You don't know which meeting techniques to use.
  • You completed one design, but you run more than one type of meeting.
  • You'd love a second opinion.

If that's happened to you, here's your opportunity. In this session, we'll work together to draft a design for one of your business meetings.

Elise will walk you through the steps and share tried-and-true strategies for each part of the meeting. Then, you'll work in small groups to refine your designs with feedback from other people working on similar challenges with meetings of their own.

Session Goals

By the end of this session, you'll have:

  • A draft of your custom meeting template 
  • Feedback from other business leaders working on their own meetings
  • A bevy of resources you can use to complete your design

We'll draw from materials presented in the Meeting Culture Transformation program and the Essential Skills for Effective Meetings course. For those of you who've participated in those programs, join us to expand your library of meeting designs. 

Free. Open to anyone who wants to run more successful meetings and comes prepared to work well with others.