Big Hint: It's not just about the tech.

Whether you're a thought leader, an organizational spokesperson, or a corporate brand ambassador, you want your audience to connect with your ideas. But after a year of lockdowns and Zoom fatigue, people are fed up with ho-hum webinars.

You need a new approach to attract and hold people's attention.

Online attention is a precious commodity. People have become used to getting high-value, super-relevant information in a bite-sized format. And even when they've decided to commit time and energy to a topic, they're easily distracted. You have to win that attention not just once, but over and over throughout your event.

Over the past year, the team at ReesMcCann has perfected their recipe for wonderful online events that engage audiences that they first introduced in the course Web Events That Connect.  This year, they're updating their course with brand new material that builds on everything they've learned from running hundreds of online events for international audiences. 

In this short, free session, Judy Rees will share the new highlights. Join us for a bite-sized, super-concentrated version of Web Events that Connect.

Session Takeaways

Join us to learn:

  • Insights gleaned from an intense year spent leading dozens of engaging online events for clients around the world
  • A peek at what's new in the Web Events That Connect online course
  • 3 simple moves that you can make, straight away, to escape the worn-out webinar